Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am a basketball fan.

This is the best sports time of the year for me.

Call in a favor, use personal time, but free yourself to catch a few college basketball games. Those office pools bring out folks from all corners to put their 2 cents in to win bragging rights (or maybe a prize).

While I enjoy both college and pro basketball, the energy and excitement that goes with March Madness is unmatched--particularly in the first weekend. I am generally neutral in games like Stanford vs Marquette. HOWEVER, it was a great game to see. The Stanford coach gets thrown out in the first half. The game goes to OT. A 7 footer wins the game on an incredible, off balance, twisting shot.

While there are not as many games this Thursday-Sunday, I am sure that some of them will be very close and the crowds will be into them far more than any other event that starts and stops during three weeks.

While I enjoy watching, Cheech and Chong recognized the excitement that players have for the game in the early 70s. Love the song, but the video can rub some the wrong way. The Basketball Jones

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Preference vs Process

The other day, the UT got a request to purchase a specific brand of peanut butter. I paused because the current 2 brands of PB were not the generic that this frugal shopper would love to buy. Even though I bought fancy brand #3, I was not convinced that it was any better than the other two. The comment that Mrs. UT sent my way stated that I had no appreciation for the taste that was clearly better in brand 3.

I’ll admit that I am not an expert foodie, but I did score in the middle of the pack (debonair diner) on a foodie quiz. I do wander over to the Food Network sometimes. I don’t think my kid is a foodie either, just far too picky to enjoy the variety of foods out there. Anyhow, Mrs. UT tossed a Pepsi challenge mumble in the air just before I started making lunches. GAME ON! A process idea initiated.

I got the opportunity to test both Mrs. Picky and her mini protagonist before they left the house. With 3 jars of peanut butter and 3 spoons for each, they both showed a dislike of brand 1 and general indifference between brands 2 and 3 before settling on brand 2.

You should have seen the UT doing the “You didn’t pick brand 3” dance.

My future work on the differences between things we buy into because of marketing versus reality is born!