Friday, May 23, 2008

Woot - Shopper's Delight

I really like to shop.

Without unlimited funds I have to find other outlets for the shopaholism.
One is a work outlet to allow you to shop. Another is Woot! If you are willing to be awake at Midnight Central Time, there is always a bargain to consider. While you may or may not have interest in this daily opportunity to spend a few bucks, it is very temporary. Once they sell out or the 24 hour period ends, that item is gone.

When the Woot folks really get their ADHD on, there is a Woot Off. Look for the orange lights and you can buy one Woot after another for a day or three. Shop, Shop, Shop until your heart's content.

Mostly there are tech toys available for purchase on Woot. Sometimes there are less technical items like vacuum cleaners and the infamous bag of crap. However, they do have other Woot sites where you can buy wine or unique t-shirts.